New Radiohead Album Out Today

Check out our first impressions of In Rainbows here

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Radiohead have released their new album ‘In Rainbows’ today(October 10) as a download – and now you can read our first impressions on John Mulvey’s Wild Mercury Sound Blog.

As previously reported, Radiohead caused a stir within music industry by announcing just ten days ago that they were to release their seventh album as a download directly to fans through their website. They have also left it up to fans to choose how much to pay for the album.

The album is currently only available exclusively through for now, but the band say that they are current planning a “traditional CD release” via record label distribution for ‘In Rainbows’ early next year. Their managers Bryce Edge and Chris Hufford revealed on Radio 4 last week that the album could possibly be released as early as January.


Read our first impressions of In Rainbows HERE – and check back later for a more detailed track-by-track review.

What do you think of In Rainbows? You’ve all received the download at the same time as us – email us your first impressions, and let us know if it was worth the price you paid for it.

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The ‘In Rainbows‘ tracklisting is:

’15 Step’



‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’

‘All I Need’

‘Faust Arp’


‘House Of Cards’

‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’



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