Neil Young Archives WILL Come Out On CD and DVD

But singer says: 'If you were to get a Blu-ray of the 'Archive,' you would get the best'

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Neil Young‘s ten disc Archives collection which spans the years 1963 to 1972 will, contrary to what the singer has previously said, be available to purchase on CD and DVD formats.

When the news broke in May about the long awaited Archives Volume 1 being made only in the new Blu-Ray disc format, fans on messageboards around the world were very vocal about being made to upgrade to technology they did not require.

Young, now, currently promoting new documentary CSNY: Deja Vu has spoken about his current workload, including the imminent arrival of Archives this Autumn.


Speaking to US publication Billboard, Young has said that fans would be able to buy CD and DVD versions, though he hoped that they would take up the better quality of Blu-Ray.

He says: “Blu-ray is the future. It sounds the best, the navigating system is the best. I’ve made a lot of CDs and we’ve made a lot of DVDs, and Blu-ray technology is so far superior to anything else. The fact there aren’t many players out there now doesn’t meant that much to me, because it is the future, so I would rather focus on what’s next. If you were to get a Blu-ray of the ‘Archive,’ you would get the best.”

Young also says that despite the long wait for the first volume of his work archived, he thinks that the second installment would follow much sooner after.


He says: “We’ve developed the platform. We have the format. We have everything together to do it. It just took 15 years to develop this platform and also to wait for technology that was strong enough for the platform to stand on.”

Young, who played his last scheduled UK show at Kent’s Hop Farm earlier this month, says that he will be “touring pretty extensively for the next year, year-and-a-half.”

Adding: “That’s what I’m focusing on. Playing for people with a great band is very rewarding. It’s very good for me — it keeps me in top form physically, and that makes me feel good. And I’ve found a way of doing it so I’m on and I’m off and I can get enough time on that I can focus on (other projects) and then I go right back out on the road again and take another couple shots at that.”

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