Matthew E White and Lonnie Holley team up for new album

Hear a track from Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection, out April 9

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Spacebomb supremo Matthew E White has joined forces with Lonnie Holley for a new “avant-garde southern folk record” entitled Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection, due out April 9 on Spacebomb/Jagjaguwar.

Hear a track from it, “This Here Jungle of Moderness/Composition 14”, below:


White recorded the music for Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection with a septet of musicians in 2018, as an experiment in “loose, gestural composition” akin to Miles Davis’ On The Corner. After backing Holley at a gig in Richmond, Virginia the following year, White played him some edits from those recordings. Holley quickly pulled out his notebooks and sung complete first takes to music he’d never heard.

Pre-order Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection here and check out the full tracklisting below:

1. This Here Jungle of Moderness/Composition 14
2. Broken Mirror (A Selfie Reflection)/Composition 9
3. I Cried Space Dust/Composition 12
4. I’m Not Tripping/Composition 8
5. Get Up! Come Walk with Me/Composition 7


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