Mark Ronson shares Amy Winehouse’s demo vocal for “Back To Black”

"All hail the lioness"

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Mark Ronson has shared behind-the-scenes insight into working with Amy Winehouse – hear her demo vocal for “Back To Black” below.

Ronson was one of the late singer’s most influential collaborators, having produced her seminal second album, also called Back to Black, in 2006.

Sharing a TikTok video of how they made the song together, Ronson said: “Amy came to my studio right here and we met for the first time and I instantly loved her and she played me all of this great Sixties music and she left and I got very inspired and I came up with this piano right here,” going on to play the piano riff from “Back To Black”.


“The next day she came in and wrote these incredible lyrics which she scribbled in the back room,” he added, captioning the post: “All hail the lioness.”

Watch the TikTok below.


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Last year, Ronson expressed regret over the way he treated Winehouse while she was at the height of her addiction issues.

“Obviously, we had our ups and downs, and it was troubling,” Ronson told The Guardian. “I don’t know if I fully loved the way that I behaved around her.”

The DJ and producer subsequently explained that he wished he had been more vocal in supporting Winehouse throughout her struggles.


“When she was going through addiction, I wish I’d been a little bit more upfront or confrontational about it,” he explained. “But I just was like, ‘Ah, she’ll sort it out – she did it already once.’”

Winehouse underwent a stay in rehab in 2008, but continued to struggle with alcohol abuse. She died from accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011.

Last summer (July 2021) marked 10 years since the late music icon’s death, with tributes pouring in from the music world.

Originally published on NME

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