Bassist getting creative – but on an on-spec level

[b]Manic Street Preachers[/b]’ [b]Nicky Wire[/b] has revealed he is writing a script for Dr Who.

The bassist, writing on his blog at the band’s website,, explained that he had set himself the task of writing an episode named [b]’Do Not Go Gently'[/b] for fun.

“The idea is centred around [b]Dylan Thomas[/b]’ last days in [b]New York[/b],” he wrote. “Of course, it’s going to have a massive fucking monster in it too.”

The [b]BBC[/b] or the show’s current head writer [b]Stephen Moffat[/b] have yet to comment on whether they will accept [b]Wire[/b]’s effort when he completes it.

Meanwhile, [url=]Manic Street Preachers are set to return with a new album, ‘Postcards From A Young Man'[/url], in September.

They are also inviting fans to win tickets to an intimate gig in [b]London[/b] on August 5. For more information go to their official website

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