Malcolm Middleton Brings The Folk To Latitude

Plus Johnny Flynn at the Sunrise Arena

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Malcolm Middleton played a strong folk set at the Sunrise Arena this evening (July 19), warming up the stage for Johnny Flynn.

The singer welcomed the audience with “Sad Song” and “Fuck it, I Love You” before teasing the audience about the festival ‘atmosphere’.

“I have to say you all smell terrible,” said Middleton. “That’s meant to be a compliment, I’m smelly too.”


Middleton, formerly of Arab Strap, also performed his near-miss Christmas number one, “We’re All Going To Die” to shouts of “Merry Christmas” from the crowd.

To introduce his final song, “Red Travelling Socks”, he made fun of his reputation as the dour Scotsman: “This is what happens when you write too many sad songs, you end you writing a shite song about socks.”

Following Middleton, young folk prodigy Johnny Flynn played to a packed crowd with his sister, Lillie Flynn on backing vocals and flute.


Flynn swapped between electric guitar, fiddle and banjo to perform “Leftovers”, “Tickle Me Pink” and “Cold Bread”.

The singer, who is the younger brother of Jerome Flynn, explained to the audience that he had been making a film about his experience at Latitude festival: “If you see me around with a camera come and say ‘Hi’, because I will be too shy to ask you.”

The footage will be shown on the Music & Film Arena tomorrow (July 20) at 18:45 (BST).


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