Lou Reed and Metallica’s ‘Lulu’ poster banned by London Underground

Promos poster for 'Lulu' collaboration apparently 'look too much like graffiti'

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London Underground have banned promo posters for Lou Reed and Metallica‘s forthcoming album ‘Lulu’ from being displayed in stations.

Transport For London bosses made the decision not to allow the image on tubes or in stations after a spokesperson claimed it looked too much like graffiti.

The album cover features a limbless mannequin with a realistic expression on a photograph and the album name ‘Lulu’ written across it. You can see the cover by scrolling up to the top of the page.

The hugely anticipated album sees the former Velvet Underground man team up with the metal giants for a collection of songs inspired by the plays of German expressionist Frank Wedekind Earth Spirit and Pandora’s Box.

Guitarist Kirk Hammett and frontman James Hetfield recently revealed they’d been reduced to tears by Lou Reed’s lyrics on the album.

‘Lulu’ is released worldwide on October 31.

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