Liars Announce New Album Details

Avant-garde three-piece release new LP next year

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Experimental post-punk trio Liars have announced details of their new album, ‘Sisterworld’, which will be released on March 8th.

The album is the American-Australian band’s follow up to their 2007 self-titled effort, and sees them recording in the USA for the first time since 2004’s ‘They Were Wrong, So We Drowned’. Los Angeles’ strange characters and subcultures seem to have had an inspiring effect.

Say Liars, “We’re interested in the alternate spaces people create in order to maintain identity in a city like LA. Environments where outcasts and loners celebrate a skewered relationship to society”.

‘Sisterworld’ was recorded by the band and Tom Biller, who has previously worked with Beck and recently scored the soundtrack to ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

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