Leonard Cohen on America’s Got Talent, Amy Winehouse on Dr Who. It must be April Fools!

A round up of today’s pranks

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It’s April Fools Day (April 1) and the prank stories have been doing the rounds.

Here at UNCUT we posted a news story that ‘Laughing’ Leonard Cohen was due to take over from David Hasselhoff as the third judge on America’s Got Talent. We’d like to point out that it was completely fictitious. Obviously.

Meanwhile our sister publication, NME published a story that Amy Winehouse would appear in the next series of Doctor Who as an evil alien overlord and Gigwise claimed she was about to launch her own beehive hairdo dubbed the “Wino”.

A story of Liam Gallgher streaking in the USA, complete with a fake video, was posted on the unofficial Oasis blog http://stopcryingyourheartoutnews.blogspot.com.

In non music-related japes, The Guardian claimed that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was asked by Gordon Brown to spearhead a government initiative aimed at “injecting more style and glamour into British national life”.


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