Leonard Cohen: Behind the Scenes, Part 4!

Singers Charley and Hattie Webb reveal all about life on the road

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In the December issue of Uncut, we celebrate Leonard Cohen’s comeback by getting the inside story from his bandmates on their extraordinary year on the road. Here at uncut.co.ukover the next month, we’ll be posting the full, unedited transcripts of those interviews in a new, seven-part series.

Today we present singers CHARLEY AND HATTIE WEBB.

Adding their plangent tones to Robinson’s to complete Cohen’s trio of back-up angels, the Kent-born multi-instrumentalist sisters recorded their debut, *A Piece of Mind* in Nashville in 2001. A second album *Daylight Crossing* followed in 2006. They’ve recently collaborated with the Kings of Leon’s man in the shadows, Angelo Petraglia.

Self-described “mercenary, Buddhist, jerk,” Bodnarchuk is trusted guitar tech on the tour, a job he summed up for the roadie’s online bible, *Sure Notes*, thusly: “Day to day, you take it out of the box, tune it, fix it, play with it, let some famous man or woman play with it, put it back in the box and put that box into the truck-shaped box.…”

Click here to read the pair’s full interview.

Part five of seven, is coming up on Friday November 14!


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