Led Zeppelin Band Members Slammed For Attempting To Replace Plant

Longtime promoter Harvey Goldsmith says it's 'pointless'

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Led Zeppelin have been warned off attempting to record and tour without original singer Robert Plant by their longtime promoter Harvey Goldsmith.

Responding to bassist John Paul Jones‘ comments reported yesterday that the band were auditioning new singers with a view to taking the band on the road. Goldsmith. who promoted the group in the 70s and 80s as well as their reunion show last year, says it would be a mistake to do so under the orginal name.

He told BBC News yesterday: “I certainly don’t think they should do a big tour because I can’t see the point of it. Adding: “I doubt it will be called Led Zeppelin.”


Goldsmith also said: “I think some of the band really want to go out and do it and other parts of the band need to understand why they’re doing it, and if there’s no compelling reason to do it, then they shouldn’t do it.

“I think that there is an opportunity for them to go out and present themselves. I don’t think a long rambling tour is the answer as Led Zeppelin.”

Speaking at a MusExpo conference in London, the promoter also explained: “It’s a question of whether they want to do it, and you’ve got to want to do it. Otherwise it’s done for the wrong reasons, and when things are done for the wrong reasons, they don’t work.”


The last time Plant, Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham played was the one-off reunion show in December 2007, as a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun.

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