The singer-songwriter discusses her new album, Short Movie

Laura Marling discusses her forthcoming fifth album, Short Movie, in the new issue of Uncut, dated April 2015 and out now.

The singer-songwriter explains her state of mind during the time she took off from music while she lived in Los Angeles.

“I got a bit worthy about whether being a musician was worthwhile to the planet,” she says. “‘Who do I think I am that I can just get up every day and play the guitar? That’s bullshit, I should be doing something more important.’

“But actually, that was the most self-important thought I’ve ever had, and only after being away from music for six months did I come back and think like, ‘Actually, it’s pretty fucking great what I do, and I’m pretty fucking lucky to be doing it.’ So my ego got a good bashing and it gave me proper perspective.”

The new issue of Uncut, dated April 2015, is out now.