Lambchop return with new album, The Bible

Listen to the first single, "Police Dog Blues"

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Lambchop are back with a new studio album, The Bible, released on September 30 via City Slang.

You can hear the first single, “Police Dog Blues“, below.

Says Kurt Wagner, “During the unrest surrounding the horrific injustice in Minneapolis in 2020, I had been re-listening to a song by Blind Blake, ‘Police Dog Blues’. Of note, it was originally recorded in 1929, the year my father was born, and it seems John Peel played it on his show on Sept. 11, 1968. It was deceptively upbeat musically and not what I remembered at all. Then I remembered a police dog is a Shepherd.”


The album – the band’s fifteenth – is available to pre-order by clicking here.

Of the tile, Wagner explains, “I had this idea that — I’m not a religious person but I do believe that there’s a spirituality to a lot of people and they’re not religious. You don’t have to be religious to be a spiritual person, right? You just don’t have to, there should be an acceptance, or a way of recognizing spirituality without it being overtly religious.”

The tracklisting for The Bible is:


His Song Is Sung
Little Black Boxes
Whatever Mortal
A Major Minor Drag
Police Dog Blues
Dylan At The Mouse Trap
Every Child Begins The World Again
So There
That’s Music


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