We have music’s most famous former janitor in the hot seat very soon

Kris Kristofferson is soon to be the star of our regular feature An Audience With…, and as ever we want your questions to put to him.

So, what might want to ask the Rhodes Scholar, former janitor and country legend?

What memories does he have of working with Sam Peckinpah on Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid..?

When he witnessed Bob Dylan’s sessions for Blonde On Blonde, did he notice whether Bob had any unusual habits in the studio?

Just how on earth did he manage to land a helicopter on Johnny Cash’s front lawn..?

Send your questions to uncutaudiencewith@ipcmedia.com by Thursday, September 10.

The best questions and of course, Kris’s answers will be published in a future edition of Uncut magazine.

Please include your name and location with your questions!

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