13th Floor Elevators man plays with Shields on the compilation


Acclaimed UK indie label Sonic Cathedral is set to release a tribute album to former [b]13th Floor Elevators[/b] frontman [b]Roky Erikson[/b].

[b]’The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Sonic Cathedral'[/b] features contributions from the likes of [b]Dead Meadow[/b], [b]A Place To Bury Strangers[/b] and an appearance from [b]Erikson[/b] himself.

[b]Erikson[/b] will be backed by [b]My Bloody Valentine[/b]’s [b]Kevin Shields[/b] and [b]The Black Angels[/b] on a live rendition of [b]13th Floor Elevators[/b]’ classic, [b]’Roller Coaster'[/b].

The album will be released on June 7.

The tracklisting for [b]’The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Sonic Cathedral'[/b] is:

[b]Roky Erickson & The Black Angels – ‘Roller Coaster’
The Strange Attractors – ‘Reverberation (Doubt)’
All The Saints – ‘Don’t Fall Down’
A Place To Bury Strangers – ‘Tried To Hide’
Dead Meadow – ‘Kingdom Of Heaven’
Darker My Love – ‘She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)’
Sarabeth Tucek – ‘Splash 1 (Now I’m Home)’
Lower Heaven – ‘Fire Engine’
Hush Arbors – ‘Dr Doom’
Cheval Sombre – ‘You Don’t Love Me Yet’
Le Volume Courbe – ‘I Love The Living You’
Black Acid – ‘Unforced Peace’
I Break Horses – ‘Goodbye Sweet Dreams'[/b]

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