Kate Bush: ‘I’ve done most of the writing for a new album’

Singer says she will follow 'Director’s Cut' with new studio LP

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Kate Bush has revealed she has almost finished writing a brand new studio album.

The singer, who releases ‘Director’s Cut’, a compilation of re-recorded material from her 1989 album ‘The Sensual World’ and 1993’s ‘The Red Shoes’ on May 16, has said she is now putting together a new LP of original material.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4‘s Front Row last night (May 4), Bush responded to a question about whether she was working on a new album by replying: “I’ve done most of the writing for it.”

She did not give a possible release date for the album, which will be her 10th studio LP, refusing to even say if it will be ready for release by 2012.

Bush did admit that she finds it “stressful” that there are such long gaps between her albums, adding: “It’s very frustrating the albums take as long as they do. I wish there weren’t such big gaps between them.”

She also said that though she would “hate to say that I would never do any live shows again”, she currently had no plans to perform onstage. She last played live in 1979.


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