Johnny Marr on possibility of returning to Modest Mouse: “The best time of my life”

Modest Mouse bandleader Isaac Brock said "the option's available" should Marr wish to rejoin the band

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Johnny Marr has responded to the possibility of returning to Modest Mouse, after the band’s Isaac Brock told NME “the option’s available” should the former Smiths guitarist wish to rejoin.

Marr was part of the Modest Mouse set-up between 2006 and 2008, playing on the band’s album We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank in 2007.

Marr revealed as early as 2018 that he’d be open to reuniting with the band, saying at the time: “I’ve got a feeling that Modest Mouse is a chapter that’s yet to be finished.”


Speaking in a new interview ahead of the release of their latest album The Golden Casket, Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock left the door open for Marr’s return.

“I hope [it’s an unfinished chapter]. I love being in a band with Johnny, it’s fuckin’ fun…,” he said.

Now, Marr has responded again to the suggestion on Twitter, responding to NME‘s query as to whether or not he’d be up for reuniting with the Oregon rockers.

“Food for thought. Modest Mouse was the best time of my life,” Marr wrote. “Still a great record, great shows.”

Earlier this week, Modest Mouse were announced as one of the headliners for next year’s Just Like Heaven festival in Pasadena, California. The bill also features the likes of Interpol, The Shins, M.I.A., Bloc Party and more.


Marr, meanwhile, featured on the Avalanches’ latest album We Will Always Love You last year, appearing alongside MGMT on the track “The Divine Chord”.

In Uncut’s 8/10 review of the record, we said: “Its spirit of discovery, and subtle championing of the oblique, forgotten and underrepresented, is familiar territory. The album is neither stuck in the past nor barrelling recklessly towards the future, and, in this sense, it’s a lavish genre-agnostic mixtape. On paper it lacks focus, but in practice it is representative of the aural quilts crafted by modern, omnivorous listeners.”

Originally published on NME

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