He teams up with an orchestra


[b]Johnny Marr[/b] has penned the score to [i]Batman Begins[/i] director [b]Christopher Nolan[/b]’s new movie [i]Inception[/i].

He plays guitar on the soundtrack to the movie with an orchestra and composer [b]Hans Zimmer[/b], who previously scored [i]Gladiator[/i] and [i]The Dark Knight[/i].

The sci-fi thriller, which stars [b]Leonardo DiCaprio[/b], will be released on July 16 with the soundtrack coming out three days earlier.

“I enjoyed working on [i]Inception[/i] and it’s a great soundtrack,” [b]Marr[/b] explained. “[b]Hans [Zimmer][/b] invited me and he’s someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. We really got into it, it’s a really good movie.”

This is the second movie the former [b]Smiths[/b] star has scored this year. He has also [url=http://www.nme.com/news/the-cribs/50852]composed the soundtrack to the forthcoming film [i]The Big Bang[/i][/url] reports our sister title NME.

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