John Lydon’s Public Image Ltd in onstage bust-up at Benicassim

Plus Klaxons, The Cribs, The Specials and Ian Brown also play day three of Spanish festival

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John Lydon had an argument with his Public Image Ltd bandmates while onstage at Benicassim International Festival early on Sunday morning (July 18).

The punk icon was coming to the end of his stage set with Public Image Ltd when the incident happened. As the band finished playing ‘Religion’, Lydon initiated that they should carry on playing the song.

However, his bandmates failed to notice his instructions and proceeded to finish the track as normal, prompting Lydon to shout: “Keep on fucking playing!” into his microphone several times.


With the rest of the band still confused as to what Lydon wanted to happen, the singer again urged them to keep playing, after which they repeated the song’s finale before walking offstage without the frontman. With Lydon now left on his own, he again laid into his bandmates.

Public Image Runaway Ltd,” he called the band, before adding: “It looks like I’m all alone, as per fucking usual.”

Elsewhere during day three at Benicassim, Klaxons showcased their new album ‘Surfing The Void’ during a their Verde stage set at 3am (CET).


Roughly half of the band’s hour-long set consisted of new songs, with the likes of ‘Valley Of The Calm Trees’ and ‘Echoes’ going down particularly well, alongside old favourites ‘Golden Skans’ and ‘Atlantis To Interzone’.

The Cribs declared their love for the festival during their stage set earlier in the day, with Ryan Jarman exclaiming: “What a beautiful festival this is,” to wild applause from the audience.

After playing ‘Cheat On Me’, which saw drummer Ross Jarman stand on his kit while continuing to play, the frontman added: “I know it’s been hot today but the sun is going down now so its time to go a bit mental.”

He ended the band’s set by scratching his guitar against an amplifier – causing it to feedback – while guitarist Johnny Marr good-naturedly pointed his instrument like a gun towards the audience.

Meanwhile, Ian Brown spoke in fluent Spanish throughout his Verde stage set, while The Specials played to a massive crowd on the same stage.

“Dance you bastards!” vocalist Terry Hall urged the crowd before playing a note-perfect version of ‘Rat Race’.

The Prodigy‘s set on the same stage drew arguably the most frenzied crowd of the evening, with the band running through hits including ‘Breathe’, and ‘Omen’.

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