Plus Klaxons, The Cribs, The Specials and Ian Brown also play day three of Spanish festival


[b]John Lydon[/b] had an argument with his [b]Public Image Ltd[/b] bandmates while onstage at [b]Benicassim International Festival[/b] early on Sunday morning (July 18).

The punk icon was coming to the end of his [b][/b] stage set with [b]Public Image Ltd[/b] when the incident happened. As the band finished playing [b]’Religion'[/b], [b]Lydon[/b] initiated that they should carry on playing the song.

However, his bandmates failed to notice his instructions and proceeded to finish the track as normal, prompting [b]Lydon[/b] to shout: “Keep on fucking playing!” into his microphone several times.

With the rest of the band still confused as to what [b]Lydon[/b] wanted to happen, the singer again urged them to keep playing, after which they repeated the song’s finale before walking offstage without the frontman. With [b]Lydon[/b] now left on his own, he again laid into his bandmates.

“[b]Public Image Runaway Ltd[/b],” he called the band, before adding: “It looks like I’m all alone, as per fucking usual.”

Elsewhere during day three at [b]Benicassim[/b], [b]Klaxons[/b] showcased their new album [b]’Surfing The Void'[/b] during a their [b]Verde[/b] stage set at 3am (CET).

Roughly half of the band’s hour-long set consisted of new songs, with the likes of [b]’Valley Of The Calm Trees'[/b] and [b]’Echoes'[/b] going down particularly well, alongside old favourites [b]’Golden Skans'[/b] and [b]’Atlantis To Interzone'[/b].

[b]The Cribs[/b] declared their love for the festival during their [b][/b] stage set earlier in the day, with [b]Ryan Jarman[/b] exclaiming: “What a beautiful festival this is,” to wild applause from the audience.

After playing [b]’Cheat On Me'[/b], which saw drummer [b]Ross Jarman[/b] stand on his kit while continuing to play, the frontman added: “I know it’s been hot today but the sun is going down now so its time to go a bit mental.”

He ended the band’s set by scratching his guitar against an amplifier – causing it to feedback – while guitarist [b]Johnny Marr[/b] good-naturedly pointed his instrument like a gun towards the audience.

Meanwhile, [b]Ian Brown[/b] spoke in fluent Spanish throughout his [b]Verde[/b] stage set, while [b]The Specials[/b] played to a massive crowd on the same stage.

“Dance you bastards!” vocalist [b]Terry Hall[/b] urged the crowd before playing a note-perfect version of [b]’Rat Race'[/b].

[b]The Prodigy[/b]’s set on the same stage drew arguably the most frenzied crowd of the evening, with the band running through hits including [b]’Breathe'[/b], and [b]’Omen'[/b].

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