Iggy Pop reveals he is writing new material with The Stooges

Singer reveals he's been working on new tunes with guitarist James Williamson

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Iggy Pop has revealed that he has been working on new material with James Williamson, the guitarist in his band The Stooges.

The punk legend told Rolling Stone that he and Williamson had penned 10 tracks together at his house in Miami earlier this year and would continue to “keep writing” new songs, although he refused to confirm whether they would be released as a studio album.

Williamson, who assumed the mantle of lead guitarist for The Stooges on their classic 1973 LP ‘Raw Power’, returned to the line-up in 2009 to replace the band’s founding guitarist Ron Asheton, who passed away in January of that year.

Pop – who had hinted last year that he was contemplating working and recording on new material with Williamson – confirmed that writing sessions had already taken place, but suggested that he would prefer to “make the score for an intelligent video game” rather than release a traditional LP.

He said: “We started trading stuff by MP3 back and forth as soon as we started. We actually did get together this spring. He came to my house in Miami and we wrote 10 things. I think we like about half of them. We’ll keep writing. I think he’d like to make an album and I’d like to make more the score for an intelligent video game. So as far as what the former might be, I don’t know.”

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