You will be able to download Five Dials for free


[b]Iggy Pop[/b], [b]British Sea Power[/b], [b]Kele Okereke[/b] and [b]LCD Soundsystem[/b]’s [b]James Murphy[/b], have all contributed to a new online literary magazine.

The musicians have written short stories, poems and anecdotes for the forthcoming special edition of [i]Five Dials[/i], a free online publication published as a PDF, which is tying in with the [b]Port Eliot Festival[/b] taking place between July 23-25.

The free edition of [i]Five Dials[/i] will be available from July 24.

“It was great to do something different with the artists, particularly [b]Kele[/b], because often people just want to talk to him about his music,” editor [b]Craig Taylor[/b] told [b]Uncut’s[/b] sister publication [b]NME[/b]. “I think this is a great idea because it gets them to open up and it’s cool because they are writers who are always writing lyrics anyway.”

The articles include [b]Murphy[/b]’s take on [b]LCD Soundsystem[/b]’s 2005 single [b]’Losing My Edge'[/b], which [b]Taylor[/b] said was of particular interest.

“We’ve got this section where we get people to write about a particular song and that’s where [b]James[/b] came in,” he said. “It’s very cool hearing him talk about the writing process behind that song and I think that song is a great because it’s about loss, ageing and jealousy and it just happens to be set to music you can dance to.”

Other entries in the magazine include poems by [b]Ryan Adams[/b], an essay on one of [b]British Sea Power[/b]’s eccentric dad and a bizarre cameo from [b]Iggy Pop[/b].

“[[b]The Stooges[/b] and ex-[b]Sonic Youth[/b]] bassist [b]Mike Watt[/b] does a funny interview on how one of his garbled phone messages ended up becoming the vocals for one of the most famous songs ([b]’Providence'[/b]) by [b]Sonic Youth[/b],” [b]Taylor[/b] explained. “Then he starts talking about [b]Iggy Pop[/b] and he storms in out of the blue halfway through!”

[b]Taylor[/b] said he is planning to draft in a certain [b]NME Awards[/b] host to help launch the issue on July 24 at the festival.

“We launch each issue at a public event on a laptop in a tent,” he said. “We’re not sure who will launch it but [b]Jarvis Cocker[/b] is going to be there so we’re hoping to get him to press the button.”

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