Hop Farm To Appeal Decision To Curb Festival

Organisers still want to expand the event's capacity

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Hop Farm festival organisers, who had been planning to expand this year’s event to three days next year, will appeal a decision by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council’s to deny their application to increase the event’s capacity.

The ingural all-day event which saw Neil Young headline a bill which included Primal Scream and Supergrass this year would like to see capacity increased to 53, 000 for the second festival.

Hop Farm festival promoter Vince Power has said he will appeal the decision, saying in a press statement that he thought complaints from locals were inappropriate. “We had some complaints from the local village, which seem to be unfounded. I have been organising events and festivals for 25 years. I have a good track record in this sector, as do the team I use. I am confident of obtaining the licence for increased capacity at the appeal in January.”

The festival is scheduled to take place from July 4.

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