Hear David Crosby cover Joni Mitchell’s “For Free”

The cover is taken from Crosby's imminent album, also called For Free

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David Crosby has released a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “For Free”, as well as a new original co-written with his son James Raymond and Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen.

The tracks come ahead of Crosby’s latest album, also called For Free. This is set to be released on July 23. The cover of the titular Joni Mitchell classic also features musician Sarah Jarosz.

Crosby said of the track: “Joni’s the greatest living singer/songwriter, and ‘For Free’ is one of her simplest. It’s one of my favourite songs because I love what it says about the spirit of music and what compels you to play.”


Hear the cover below.

The original song released yesterday (June 24), “Rodriguez For A Night”, was co-written with Fagen and his son Raymond, who is also producing the album For Free.

Steely Dan’s my favourite band and I’ve admired Donald a long time, so that was a thrill for us,” added Crosby of the collaboration. He also said of working with Raymond: “Can you imagine what it’s like to connect with your son and find out that he’s incredibly talented – a great composer, a great poet, and a really fine songwriter and musician all around?

“We’re such good friends and we work so well together, and we’ll each go to any length to create the highest-quality songs we can.”

Hear “Rodriguez For A Night” below.


Originally published on Guitar.com

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