Graham Nash on CSNY: “It would get pretty tense”

Another reunion unlikely as "no-one's talking to Crosby", he tells Uncut

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Talking exclusively in the latest issue of Uncut – on sale now – Graham Nash confirms that another CSNY reunion is unlikely for the time being.

“I’m talking to Stephen [Stills], I’m talking to Neil [Young] and no-one’s talking to [David] Crosby. So what can you do?” says Nash. “Crosby’s on his path and we’re on ours. So be it.”

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Nash also reveals that tensions between Crosby and producer Rick Rubin scuppered the supergroup’s aborted 2012 album. “We wanted to do ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Norwegian Wood’… But Rick said no, that there would only be one Beatles song on the record. So Crosby told him, ‘There’ll only be one Beatles song on the record if we say there’s only one fucking Beatles song on the record. Do not tell us what the fuck to do and what to sing!’ It was over from that moment… Once you stir Crosby up, forget it. It’s not worth it.”

Mulling over the suggestion that CSNY perhaps needed friction to prosper, Nash says: “I don’t think we needed friction, it was just there. It would get pretty tense, occasionally. But the music is the most important thing about us. And the truth is that if we never make another note of music together again, at least look what we achieved.”

When asked what it would take to get CSNY back together, Nash says: “It’s really simple. We have to like each other.”

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