Glastonbury 2009 Tickets To Go On Sale Six Months Early

Michael Eavis to allow fans to place a deposit on their place for next year's festival

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Glastonbury Festival boss Michael Eavis is to make tickets for next’s year’s event available from this October.

The unprecedented move will allow 100, 000 fans to reserve a ticket for the Somerset bash with a £50 deposit, with the full amount payable on April 1, the usual time tickets for the annual festival go on sale.

Speaking to BBC News, Eavis attributed the slow ticket sales for this year’s event, which was headlined by Kings of Leon, Jay-Z and The Verve (pictured above), to the confusion surrounding how fans register and buy them.


Eavis expects the success of this year’s event to drive up demand for Glastyonbury next year, saying: “Everybody wants to come – everywhere I go people say ‘oh we should’ve been there and we’re so fed up about it’ because it was so good.”

However, the organiser also added that the weekend ticket price for the next event would have to be raised, saying: “We actually did it [the 2008 festival] cheap – we couldn’t

cover the costs at that price. It wasn’t a loss but it wasn’t


as good as it should’ve been.”

Commenting on the hype which surrounded triumphant

headliner Jay-Z, Eavis added that he had no plans to book

such a controversial artist in the future.

He said: “We’ll probably be going for the more traditional

headliner next year because there are more of them

around and after this year everyone wants to come

onboard because it was such a good do.”

Pic credit: PA Photo


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