Foo Fighters Add Another Night At Wembley

Dave Grohl's rock titans stretch out for a stadium residency

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The first show has only been on sale for a couple of hours, but the Foo Fighters have already added a second show to their residency at Wembley Stadium next summer.

The new date is on June 6, the day before the previously-announced show. As Grohl revealed yesterday, the massive shows will feature the band playing on a stage right in the middle of the hallowed turf.

The band will now play the London venue on June 6 and 7, and Dave Grohl has announced they will play “in the round” – on a stage in the middle of the stadium.

“When we were thinking about doing Wembley we were thinking it’s so huge how do we make it feel like an intimate gig?” explained Grohl. “We are doing it in the round. We’re going to build a stage in the middle of the stadium with ramps going in different directions. There won’t be a bad seat in the house.”

Grohl added fans would not have to worry about having to stare at his back all night set up in the middle.

“I believe the stage will probably rotate,” he told Radio 1. “I don’t want to give away all the secrets but no matter where you’re sitting you’ll be in spitting distance from me.

Let’s hope they don’t make as much of a mess of the pitch as those American footballers who ruined the grass for the England vs Croatia game the other night!


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