Flowered Up singer Liam Maher has died

The cockney Happy Mondays frontman passed away on Tuesday (October 20)

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Flowered Up‘s singer Liam Maher passed away on Tuesday (October 20), reports confirmed by the band’s former record label Heavenly.

No more details about the circumstances of Maher are yet known, but are expected to be known today (October 21).

Flowered Up only released one album, ‘A Life With Brian’ in 1991, but were best known for their Heavenly singles “It’s On” and “Weekender”, the latter charted at No.20 on its release in 1992.

After the band’s split in 1994, Maher was next known, in 2001, to be working with Alan McGee and was set to release new tracks through the Poptones label, but nothing materialised.

See the W.I.Z. dierected 13 minute short film for Flowered Up‘s “Weekender” here:

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Part two:

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