Fleetwood Mac: archival live album to make vinyl debut

Triple LP collects tracks from 1979-80 tour

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Fleetwood Mac have announced details of a triple live album from their 1979 – 1980 tour.

The 22 songs previously appeared on the CD and digital editions of last year’s remastered edition of Tusk.

They are now being released as a stand-alone vinyl package on March 4 from Warner Bros. Records.


The songs for Fleetwood Mac: In Concert were recorded in Tucson, St. Louis, Omaha and during the band’s six-night stand at Wembley Arena in London in June 1980.

LP Track Listing

Side One
Intro (Wembley, 26/06/80)
“Say You Love Me”(Wembley, 26/06/80)
“The Chain” (Wembley, 20/06/80)
“Don’t Stop” (Wembley, 27/06/80)
“Dreams” (Wembley, 20/06/80)


Side Two
“Oh Well” (Wembley, 20/06/80)
“Rhiannon” (Tucson, 28/08/80)
“Over And Over” (St. Louis, 05/11/79)
“That’s Enough For Me” (Wembley, 21/06/80)

Side Three
“Sara” (Tucson, 28/08/80)
“Not That Funny” (St. Louis, 05/11/79)
“Tusk” (St. Louis, 05/11/79)
“Save Me A Place” (St. Louis, 05/11/79)

Side Four
“Landslide” (Omaha, 21/08/80)
“What Makes You Think You’re The One” (St. Louis, 05/11/79)
“Angel” (St. Louis, 05/11/79)
“You Make Loving Fun” (Wembley, 20/06/80)

Side Five
“I’m So Afraid” (St. Louis, 05/11/79)
“World Turning” (Wembley, 22/06/80)

Side Six
“Go Your Own Way” (Wembley, 22/06/80)
“Sisters Of The Moon” (Wembley, 22/06/80)
“Songbird” (Wembley, 27/06/80)

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