Fleetwood Mac Reunite In The Studio

Lindsey Buckingham gets three of them working together on songs

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Fleetwood Mac‘s Lindsey Buckingham has enlisted the help of band members Mick Fleetwood and drummer John McVie on at least two of the tracks for his forthcoming fifth ‘solo’ album ‘Gift of Screws.’

The three of them have worked on tracks, including the album’s title track and one called “Wanna Wait For You.”

Buckingham, who earlier this year spoke of the possibility of a Mac reunion tour in 2009, has commented on his forthcoming album, saying: “This album distills several periods of time. It has false starts to make albums, songs that go back a number of years that took a while to find a home and brand-new songs. I wanted to bring it all together in one place. As an artist I’m still, for better or worse, clinging to my idealism and to my sense that there is still much to be said. This album is a culmination of that.”


Gift of Screws was originally titled way back in 2001, after songs were being written and recorded between 1995 and 2000. Some of the tracks were orignially recorded live by Fleetwood Mac and subsequently used on The Dance tour.

There is no more comment on news of a full band reunion tour, but recording together is a pretty auspicious start.

Buckingham’s Gift of Screws, due out in September, full track listing is:


“Great Day”

“Time Precious Time”

“Did You Miss Me”

“Wanna Wait for You”

“Love Runs Deeper”

“Bel Air Rain”

“The Right Place to Fade”

“Gift of Screws”



Pic credit: PA Photos


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