Etta James hospitalised

72-year-old suffering from MRSA bug, speech difficulties and alzheimer's according to her son

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Etta James is suffering from Alzheimer’s and the MRSA superbug, her son has revealed.

The singer, 72, has been in the Riverside Community Hospital in southern California for the past week, according to Donto James.

James was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over a year ago, though it was not made public. She is also suffering from speech difficulties at present, though a cause for that is currently unknown.

He told CNN that he is concerned about her health: “I am going to end up losing my mother if it keeps going on like this,” Donto James said, adding that he wants to find more information about his mothers condition. “There has to be another doctor out there who can tell me what is going on with my mother.”

Donto James, who plays in his mothers’ band, said he believes she can still recover. “I want my mother back onstage again,” he said. “I know it can happen.”

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