Elton John Wows At Concert For Diana

The extravagant 6 hour concert at Wembley is watched by 130 million globally

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The Concert For Diana, to honour what would have been her 46th birthday took place at Wembley Stadium yesterday (July 1).

Performing alongside some of Diana’s favourite acts such as Bryan Ferry and Duran Duran, Sir Elton John proved to be the biggest hit at the commemorative extravaganza.

Opening the globally watched concert with his much loved hit, ‘Your Song’, in front of a huge portrait of the Princess, the singer introduced the Princes to the stage to kick off proceedings.


80s superstar boyband Duran Duran followed Sir Elton who planned on only singing ‘songs that people know’.

With so many acts on the bill, each artist could only play three or four tracks at most. They played ‘Rio’ Diana’s favourite, as requested by the Princes. They also played their comeback hit ‘Reach Out For The Sunrise’ and ‘Wild Boys’ which the band’s lead singer, Simon Le Bon, dedicated to the princes.

Status Quo opened the second part of the concert with ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ – marking their 40th appearance at Wembley Stadium (if you count the old and new venue as the same).


Other acts that had the crowd singing along word for word at the six-hour Wembley concert were Bryan Ferry, Tom Jones and Rod Stewart.

Stewart proved to be a resounding hit with massive audience participation for his classics ‘Sailing’ and ‘Maggie May’ – despite recovering from a fall that required ten stitches at his own headline concert in Manchester last week.

Music at the massive security tightened concert ranged from rappers such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, to revived pop bands such as Take That, and newbies The Feeling and Lily Allen.

Sir Elton John echoed his performance of the princess’s funeral ten years ago, bringing the show to a close with a second set, including favourites such as ‘Tiny Dancer’. Rumours of Elton ending with ‘Candle in the Wind’ proved unfounded as the song has such a strong connection to Diana’s funeral.

Pic credit: PA Photos


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