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The ‘priceless’ acetate is now available to hear for free on the web

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The acetate of the legendary debut album from the Velvet Underground, the one with the banana on the sleeve, that caused a furore on trading site eBay last year, has been made available to listen to on the web.

As previously reported on, this acetate copy of “The Velvet Underground & Nico” was originally purchased for a bargain 75 cents in 2002, by Warren Hill at a Montreal flea market, and is thought to be one of only two in existence.

A ‘friend’ mistakenly put in a successful bid of $155,401 for the record, but admitted he couldn’t afford to pay up!


Now, thanks to an anonymous source, the acetate has been converted into MP3 files, so everyone can hear what musical gems the rare disc contains.

The revelatory tracks now available for download are:

European Sun (Different Take)


Black Angel’s Death (Different Mix)

All Tomorrow’s Parties (Different Mix)

I’ll Be Your Mirror (Different Mix)

Heroin (Different Take)

Femme Fatale (Different Mix)

Venus In Furs (Different Take)

I’m Waiting For The Man (Different Take)

Run Run Run (Different Mix)

Listen to brilliant unheard Velvets by clicking here now


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