David Crosby Working on New CSN Covers Album With Rick Rubin

The founder member talks to Uncut about picking tracks they wish they'd written

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David Crosby has confirmed to uncut.co.uk that Crosby, Stills and Nash are currently working on a new album with veteran rock producer Rick Rubin.

Speaking to Uncut, David Crosby says Rubin plans to get CSN to record some cover versions, possibly including tracks by the Beatles, The Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones.

Crosby says: “One of the interesting things was that they said they’d like to hear us do other people’s songs that we wish we’d written. They said: “There’s Joni, James [Taylor], The Beatles: contemporaries of yours who we know you admire. We’d like you to pick a bunch of songs.” So we’ve been going through that process with Rick, and he’s pretty smart about songs. One of the things that made us want to work with him was the music he’d done with Johnny Cash. He knew he wasn’t going to make money off of the Cash albums. And he spent a lot of his time trying to make those albums happen, so I can only conclude that he loves music.

“So come January, we’re going to pick and learn some songs. I can’t say which ones are going to make the final list, but we have about thirty. There’s all the people you might expect: some Jackson Browne, certainly several Beatles tunes, The Beach Boys, Joni, James, the Stones. There’s a whole shitload of records that we love and think are brilliant. I don’t know how Rick works yet, but I certainly know how we work, so I’m presuming there’ll be some pretty harmonies.”

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