Dan Aykroyd to launch Blues Brothers record label

Blues Brothers Records will be an offshoot of Blue Note Records

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Dan Aykroyd is to launch a new record label, Blues Brothers Records.

The label will be an offshoot of Blue Note Records and is a joint venture with Judith Belushi Pisano, the widow of Aykroyd’s Blues Brothers co-star, John Belushi.

Billboard reports that Blue Note president Don Was will look after A&R, Judy Belushi will act as creative director and Blues Brothers manager Eric Gardner will run the administrative side of the label.


“Blues Brothers will sign and develop blues artists, both newcomers and veteran acts, with an eye toward employing Aykroyd’s multiple blues platforms for promotional purposes,” runs the Billboard story.

“[Aykroyd] has been a beacon for decades for the blues, one of the most challenging [genres] to get into the commercial marketplace,” said Eric Gardner. “In the digital age a lot of labels don’t have the wherewithal or the financing to have strong digital strategies and I think that has led to the paucity of strong blues labels. We’re almost thinking of this as a public service for dedicated blues enthusiasts.”

Directed by John Landis, The Blues Brothers was released in 1980, based around characters Aykroyd and Belushi created for Saturday Night Live.

In 1992, Aykroyd co-founded the House Of Blues venues.

Rolling Stone reports that he has hosted the syndicated radio showcase Elwood’s BluesMobile for over 22 years.


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