Band hint about guests for Pyramid Stage headline slot


[b]Gorillaz[/b] will be joined live by [b]Lou Reed[/b] at [b]Glastonbury[/b], [b]Damon Albarn[/b] has revealed.

The band headline the event’s [b]Pyramid Stage[/b] tomorrow night (June 25), and along with some of the [url=]guests who joined them at the London Roundhouse in April including Mos Def[/url], the former [b]Velvet Underground[/b] man is set to join them for the first time.

“[b]Lou Reed[/b]’s arriving and, fingers crossed, coming straight to rehearsal. And then we watch the game,” [b]Albarn[/b] told [url=]Radio 4’s Front Row[/url] yesterday (June 23). “This morning I woke up and the first thing I felt a wave of anxiety about – is an audience that size going to respond to our songs? I don’t know.”

[b]Reed[/b] has not performed with the band before, but lends his vocals to [b]’Plastic Beach’[/b] track [b]’Some Kind Of Nature’[/b].

[b]The Fall[/b]’s [b]Mark E Smith[/b] is also expected to perform live with the band for the first time on [b]’Glitter Freeze’[/b], while [b]Snoop Dogg[/b] is playing his own set ahead of [b]Gorillaz[/b] at [b]Glastonbury[/b] and should be on hand to give [b]’Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach’[/b] its live debut.

“We’ve got about 50 or 60 people at one point onstage,” said [b]Albarn[/b] of the set he was invited to put together after [b]U2[/b] were forced to drop out due to [b]Bono[/b] sustaining a back injury in rehearsals.

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