Charlatans Man Used To Run Marathons ‘On E’

Tim Burgess also has some drugs advice for Pete Doherty

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Charlatans front man Tim Burgess has revealed in the lastest issue of UNCUT that huge amounts of drugs were the reason their albums in the mid-90’s took so long to produce.

Burgess also reveals that while recording at Monnow Valley Studios, he used to run marathons as a hobby, whilst on ecstasy. The singer says: “I’d be running marathons in my spare time. There’s nothing quite like running a marathon when you’re off your head on E. I look back on those times with great fondness.”

The Charlatans front man who says he is now free of alcohol and drugs, also has some advice for troubled Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty about how he could avoid jail in future. Burgess says “What I used to feel about people like that is that they shouldn’t go out and get hammered. Why doesn’t he go for home delivery? Pete’s a fucking rockstar. GET IT DELIVERED! We always did.”

For the full provocative interview with Tim Burgess, see the June collectors-boxed edition of UNCUT magazine – featuring DAVID BOWIE on the cover.

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