Bob Dylan revives Theme Time Radio Hour

A new whiskey-themed episode airs later today

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Bob Dylan has recorded a new episode of his Theme Time Radio Hour programme, due for broadcast later today (September 21) via Sirius XM.

Dylan last hosted the show in 2009 but has revived the format in order to highlight his recent Tennessee bourbon collaboration with Heaven’s Door. Naturally, the theme of the new show is whiskey.

“It’s been so long, I’m not even sure if we should call it Theme Time Radio Hour any more,” says Dylan in the show’s intro, which you can hear below. “I mean, does anybody still have a radio? Some folks might even be listening on a smart toaster.”


In another clip, you can hear Dylan introduce Charlie Poole’s version of “Hesitation Blues”, which uses verses from a song known as “The River Was Whiskey”:

Theme Time Radio Hour airs today on Sirius XM’s Deep Tracks channel at 5pm BST.


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