Blur will “always be capable” of reforming, says Graham Coxon

"When the time comes around and the stars are aligned, we'll always be capable of doing something interesting"

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Graham Coxon has spoken about Blur’s various reunions since their initial 2003 split, and says that the band will “always be capable” of reforming.

Speaking on the Rockonteurs podcast, Coxon discussed the freedom he felt during the band’s first return in 2009, that included a headline performance at Glastonbury.

“It was great because i played [the songs] in a completely different way, I felt more grateful for the situation,” he said. ” I became a little more grateful for what we’d always had.


“I reckon a lot of bands would get that if they had a chance to do that again. It’s why I almost get annoyed with other bands who have been squabbling and not really got it together to have another go. I think it’s kind of sad to hang on to resentments.”

Asked whether Blur was now in “the rear view mirror” after their most recent outing, Coxon joked: “Alex James is in the passenger seat, prodding me all the time! They’re not in the rear view mirror at all! They’re all sitting in the car with me still, [saying] ‘Shall we do some more?'”

A newly-reformed Blur performing at Glastonbury in 2009
A newly-reformed Blur performing at Glastonbury in 2009. Image: Brian Rasic / Getty Images

On the prospect of reuniting with his old bandmates again in the future, he added: “I actually think that Blur will always be capable of that, and when the time comes around and the stars are aligned, we’ll always be capable of doing something interesting.”

Meanwhile, Jesus Jones – former labelmates with Blur on the indie imprint Food Records – have invited them to reunite in tribute to the late label head Andy Ross.

Ross, known for signing Blur as well as IdlewildDubstar and more, died last month at the age of 66.

“We’re heartbroken at the loss of Andy Ross, one half of the mighty Food Records,” Jesus Jones wrote on Twitter. “Without him, we’d have never been able to do what we did. We’ll always be grateful, and we’ll always miss him. Goodbye boss xxx.”

Originally published on NME

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