Blur to release new material?

Graham Coxon says the band are reconvening

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Blur look to be a step closer to recording new material – Graham Coxon has tweeted that they’re meeting up today (February 3).

The guitarist, writing on his Twitter page,, wrote that the four-piece were getting together for a hot drink and could end up recording.

“Now off to see the Blur boys and have coffee and maybe switch a tape recorder on!” he wrote.

When asked for more details he added: “We are having a meet-up, might get a guitar out.”

Last November Blur frontman Damon Albarn said the band planned to reconvene in early 2011, but that firm plans were not locked down.

The band last released a single, ‘Fool’s Day’, in April 2010 as a limited-edition vinyl one-off for Record Store Day. Their last gig was headlining T In The Park in Scotland in July 2009.

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