Blondie and Moby Guest on Lee “Scratch”Perry Album

Perry brings in unusual collaborators for his 54th record

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Blondie’s Chris Stein and Moby are two of the guest stars to appear on Lee “Scratch” Perry’s new album, entitled Repentance.

It’s the 54th studio album by Perry who produced “Complete Control” for the Clash in the ’70s.

It also feature guest appearances from Bolt‘s Brian Chippendale, Gumball‘s Don Fleming, Current 93‘s David Tibet, Matisyahu bassist Josh Werner, and artist/adult entertainer Sasha Grey.

It was co-produced by Andrew WK, who worked on the latest album from art-rock group Sightings for Thurston Moore‘s Ecstatic Peace! label in October 2007.

The record is due for release on CD and limited edition 2xLP from Narnack Records on August 19.


“Reggae Man”
“Baby Sucker”
“Crazy Pimp”
“War Dance”
“God Save His King”
“Santa Claus”
“Heart Doctor”
“Chooga Cane”
“Party Time”


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