James Murphy, that is. Put your questions to the man behind UNCUT's 2007 Album Of The Year...

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James Murphy is in the hotseat soon for our An Audience With… feature, and we’re after your questions to put to him.

Murphy, of course, is the New York musician who, under the LCD Soundsystem guise, has been making fine, literate electronic music since 2002. Indeed, 2007’s Sound Of Silver was our Album Of The Year here at UNCUT.

So, what better way to welcome James Murphy back to active service – there’s a new album due in May – than by popping him into the UNCUT chair to answer your questions.

Perhaps you’ve always wondered how on earth he nearly ended up writing for Seinfeld? Or whether he’s ever found his edge again? Or indeed, what silver sounds like..?

Send your questions to: by Friday March 12.


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