Arcade Fire Stomp Through To Triumph At Reading

Win and Regine Butler steal festival's Saturday night

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The ever multiplying members of Arcade Fire, led by Win and Regine Butler, brought a harmonious, melodic and astounding set to Reading Festival tonight (August 25).

Having already resoundingly triumphed at Glastonbury and Latitude festivals this summer, the group brought their epic sound and light show to Carling Weekend here too.

Ploughing through tracks from their bestselling albums ‘Funeral’ and ‘Neon Bible’ – Arcade Fire get the whole crowd swaying and singing by the time they hit ‘Wake Up’ – which end s with a real Jam-my guitar riff.


Sound problems early on with the orchestration not being loud enough, are eventually rectified with each song getting progressively louder. The group flanked out front with their now normal light pole stage set up – look better and better as darkness eventually falls over the Reading site.

‘Black Mirror’, ‘Intervention’ and ‘Haiti’ all sound simpy amazing.

The full setlist was:


“Keep The Car Running”

“No Cars Go”


“Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)”

“Black Mirror”


“(Antichrist Television Blues)”


“Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)”

“Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)”

“Rebellion (Lies)”

“Wake Up”

Next up is Red Hot Chili Peppers to close Reading Festival, Anthony Keidis and co. are currently getting ready backstage for set. Funk – we’re waiting for.

Pic credit: Andy Willsher

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Pic credit: Andy Willsher


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