'I will forever give him credit', says frontman

[b]Arcade Fire[/b]’s [b]Win Butler[/b] has praised [b]U2[/b]’s [b]Bono[/b] for “engaging” with [b]George W Bush[/b] over Aids relief in Africa.

[b]Butler[/b], [url=http://www.nme.com/news/arcade-fire/52024]whose band are appealing to fans to donate to the Haiti Kanpe charity[/url], said that although [b]Bono[/b] often got stick from musicians and fans he believed he was having a positive effect.

The Irish rocker described the then-US president as “bold” in 2003 for increasing the US’ [b]Emergency Plan for Aids Relief[/b] budget in Africa and the Caribbean.

“As much as people slag [b]Bono[/b], I will forever give him credit for engaging with [b]George W Bush[/b] when he was president,” he said in this week’s exclusive cover story interview with [b]Uncut’s[/b] sister publication [b]NME[/b]. “Even though it was a deeply unpopular move, even in his own band. The HIV medications in Africa, every aspect of the US foreign policy – it was a hell of a lot more than any president before had done.”

He added: “[b]Bono[/b] was engaged in the work even though the situation wasn’t ideal. That’s not my path, but I will never fault someone for trying to be engaged in the world.”

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