Animal Collective Song Leaked By Grizzly Bear?

Fellow band accused of being the 'global-leak-source' for 'Brothersport'

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Grizzly Bear have been accused of leaking a song from Animal Collective‘s forthcoming album.

Internet legal enforcer Web Sheriff identified the Brooklyn group’s blog as the ‘global-leak-source’ of “Brothersport”, the final song from “Merriweather Post Pavilion”.

However, Grizzly Bear now appear to have denied that they were the first to leak the song.


In an email to the band, Web Sheriff said: “Both the individuals collectively trading/performing as ‘Grizzly Bear‘ and indeed, yourself [singer Ed Droste] are personally liable to our said clients for all commercial and other losses arising from this blatant act of piracy.”

Grizzly Bear posted an apology to the band and label Domino on the blog, but have now added in a separate post that they weren’t the first to leak the song.

“The song was played on a French podcast or radio program. Someone (not me) ripped the song. Many blogs posted the track. I was one of those blogs,” explained Droste.


“It was my belief this was already ‘out there’ and was essentially like a hype track that would just further excite Animal Collective fans (myself included), so I wrongfully figured it was fair game. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the unofficial ‘leak’ with the official label-sanctioned ‘leak’.

“If I’ve offended anyone in the Animal Collective family with my excited post, I apologize. It was meant to generate even more excitement for what will surely be a great album, and yes the Web Sheriff is just doing his job.”

Grizzly Bear side-project Department Of Eagles will play Club Uncut at The Borderline on December 3.

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