Amy Winehouse’s Camden home set to be HQ of new rehab centre

Late singer's North London house to host the Amy Winehouse Foundation

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Amy Winehouse‘s home in Camden, North London is set to be converted into the headquarters for the rehabilitation foundation that is being set up in her memory.

According to The Sun today (August 5), the singer’s home will act as headquarters for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is being set up with the intention of helping young people addicted to drugs and in need of assistance with their lives.

A source told the paper about of Winehouse‘s family’s plans for her former home: [quote]They think it’s too precious to give up, hence the new HQ idea. They don’t want to rent it out and if they sold it they think it could attract the wrong kind of buyer as it was where Amy passed away. They may sell one day but that would be some way off.[/quote]
Formal plans for the foundation are set to be announced on September 14, which would have been Winehouse‘s 28th birthday.

Tony Bennett, who will release his duet with the late singer ‘Body And Soul’, has already pledged to donate all the royalties from the track to the foundation. He said of the track: “All the royalties will go to the foundation that Amy’s father is starting to teach all the young children not to take drugs.”

An investigation into the cause of the singer’s death is still ongoing.

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