Americana Chanteuse Back With New Album

And She's Got Tarnation In Tow

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Tarnation, the brainchild of chanteuse Paula Frazer, are back, so wrap up warm and prepare yourselves for yet more deliciously chilly, sombre Americana-pop-with-a-’60s-sensibility.

In February ’07, Frazer plus Tarnation follow up the genre classic Gentle Creatures and the critically acclaimed Mirador with something sparse and beautiful.

That something is Now It’s Time, by PAULA FRAZER AND TARNATION. Now It’s Time reconnects with Tarnation’s past and presents, according to the press release, “an olde tyme sound with whisping swirls of guitars and strings, wonderfully framing Paula Frazer’s signature angelic voice.”


More songs about memory and loss, hope and despair. Which sounds good to us.

This time Tarnation comprise multi-instrumentalist Frazer, longtime collaborator Patrick Main on piano, and Jasmyn Wong on drums.

Paula Frazer was born to a minister in the south and sang in his church choir at the age of four. She moved to San Francisco in the early ’80s, where she played in various punk bands and even had a stint in the infamous Frightwig.


The rest is history. The future? Now It’s Time.

Paula Frazer & Tarnation: ‘Now It’s Time’

Release Date: 26th February 2007

Catalogue No: BMR096

Label: Birdman Records


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