Exclusive to Uncut.co.uk - Today: Nicky Wire tells us about Sonic Youth in Cardiff in 1988

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[b]Sonic Youth[/b]
Cardiff University, 1988

It was really severe noise terrorism at its finest, and I just thought [b]Thurston Moore[/b] looked absolutely translucent on stage, barely alive and hunched and mumbling away. Kim Gordon became one of my bass playing heroines, I love women bass players. [b]D’Aarcy[/b] from the Pumpkins, [b]Kim Gordon[/b] and [b]Melissa Auf Der Maur[/b].They did “Teenage Riot”, it was even better than the record, which I barely ever say – I’m not the most prolific giggoer. They smashed their guitars at the end and the drummer trashed away, it was proper noise, hard to hear a tune at times, but really confronting and really challenging too.

They looked great, they were really run-down, but kind of chic as well, something about them was just unbelievably cool. [b]James [Dean Bradfield][/b] and I went, he loved it too. It was the age of discovery, walking round to Spiller’s Records and picking up American bands, also post-C86 stuff, it was a great time. That’s what I wanted to do with my solo album, almost try and be a little bit elitist about it. There’s that great quote from [b]Roddy Frame[/b] where he says “I won’t reissue my seven inches, I won’t put them on CD, because some records should be rare.” Back then, it felt like you were part of some vague notion of the underground. It was a good time to be young, you had to look for stuff, it wasn’t on a plate.

I think it was their prime, pre-Geffen. I still think [b]Dirty[/b] is a great album, but [b]Daydream Nation[/b]’s the one, the reissue out at the moment is fantastic, really gorgeous. It did influence us, actually – obviously we were never going to sound like them, coming from Wales and being who we were, we had quite a lot against us, we had to be more cartoon, more [b]Ramones[/b]-esque, larger than life. In terms of rock theatrics, [b]Sonic Youth[/b] had it all. It’s a myth that they just stood there, shoulders slumped, banging away on their guitars, it wasn’t at all. It was kind of swirling, mesmeric, really self-contained – they barely addressed the audience.

There was some deep-rooted arrogance there which I love! [b]Kim Gordon[/b] held her bass really low, which I thought was brilliant, it made it more difficult to play. Their obsession with modern iconic culture was an influence too, it definitely influenced me and Richie – their obsessions with Marilyn Monroe and the whole trash culture thing. I’ve been listening to them loads actually, I’m having a real Indian summer with Sonic Youth.

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