Twin Peaks’ Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise on the creation of the show’s timeless theme music

The composer and singer explain how they soundtracked David Lynch's show

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BADALAMENTI: So, all of a sudden, we’ve got Twin Peaks, and David’s in California. Sure enough, when they sent me the first series, David had put in “Falling” under the main title. It just was unreal. He singled that out to use as an instrumental, and the rest is history – especially the first three notes.

LANDRUM: I really don’t know if it was always intended to be the theme. In fact, I was kind of surprised that they were going to use that. Not that the song wasn’t good, but it was a song. It worked fine, though. I always tell people that David Lynch always does stuff on time, in budget – he’s a real pro. He might sort of seem like an ‘artiste’, but he’s a pro.


BADALAMENTI: I had no idea what the network thought of the music, but I guess they were happy, knowing that the audience was happy too! I haven’t listened to Floating Into The Night in so long, but the other day I just lay down on my couch and put on the album. I’ve gotta tell you, every cut on Julee’s album, her vocals, the music, the songs, it’s just so incredibly beautiful. The simplicity and the darkness, and the beauty of “Laura Palmer’s Theme” on Twin Peaks is just something that is remarkable, too.

CRUISE: To me, Floating… is the perfect album from tip to toe. That’s why so many people play it to have a baby, to make love, or to take a bubble bath! It’s become this iconic thing that has lasted forever, and it’s the thing I’m most proud of in my life. It’s everything, it’s the music itself, it’s the musicians, it’s David’s direction – David really is a musician, he just refuses to sing. I’ll say, “David, just go [sings note],” and he refuses to do it, still to this day!

BADALAMENTI: What I’m most proud of is once when I was in London, a woman came up to me and she told me that she had two children: “I’d just like to let you know, both of my children were conceived as your music was playing.” What better compliment? It just knocked me out.



Written by: Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch
Produced by: Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch
Performers: Julee Cruise (vocals), Angelo Badalamenti (keyboards), Kinny Landrum (keyboards, synthesiser), Grady Tate (drums)
Recorded at: Excalibur Sound, New York
Released: September 1989 (on Floating Into The Night); September 1990 (on Soundtrack From Twin Peaks); October 1990 (single)
Chart peak: UK 7; US –



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