The Ninth Uncut Playlist Of 2017

22 key new things, plus an hour of the drumbeat from “In The Air Tonight”…

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Yep, questionable thanks to our far-flung Uncut correspondent Jon Dale, who hooked us up with the self-explanatory “In The Air Tonight Drum Fill For 1 hour 10 Minutes At 99.9%, 100%, And 100.1% Speed”. Quite an interesting endurance project, in some ways reminiscent of a brutal minimalist techno record by, say, Surgeon. Not sure I’ll ever make the full 70 minute stretch, though.

Maybe more edifying, I’m thrilled that music from Alice Coltrane’s ashram meditation tapes are finally getting a formal reissue; some of my favourite New Age music, and a critical consolation these past few months. They won’t make the world go away, exactly, but they might just put it on ice for a few minutes…

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1 Anthony Pasquarosa With John Moloney – My Pharaoh, My King (Feeding Tube)

2 Bill MacKay – Esker (Drag City)

3 Will Stratton – Rosewood Almanac (Bella Union)


4 Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society – Simultonality (tak:til/Glitterbeat/Eremite)

5 Father John Misty – Pure Comedy (Bella Union)

6 Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Washington Suite (Soul Jazz)

7 DD Horns – DD Horns (Bandcamp)

8 Anthony Pateras – Blood Stretched Out (Immediata)

9 Magnetic Fields – 50 Song Memoir (Nonesuch)

10 Karen Elson – Double Roses (1965 Records)

11 Bargou 08 – Targ (Glitterbeat)

12 The Cairo Gang – Untouchable (God?/Drag City)

13 Resound – Black History (Spacebomb)

14 La Mambanegra – El Callegüeso y su Mala Maña (Movimientos)

15 At The Drive-In – Incurably Innocent (Rise)

16 Chris Smith – Blossom (Unsigned)

17 Arto Lindsay – Cuidado Madame (Northern Spy)

18 Jake Xerxes Fussell – What In The Natural World (Paradise Of Bachelors)

19 The Necks – Unfold (Ideologic Organ)

20 John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Race To Zero (Village Green)

21 Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda – World Spirituality Classics, Volume 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda (Luaka Bop)

22 Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society – Magnetoception (Eremite)

23 Joseph Prein  – In The Air Tonight Drum Fill For 1 hour 10 Minutes At 99.9%, 100%, And 100.1% Speed (Soundcloud)


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